MZ-1000 S * Russel Lane aus London


* Fahrzeug: MZ-1000 S
* Fahrer: Russel Lane / Bristol-England
* Fahrzeugverbesserungen:
* V.W.-Mapping
* SR-ABE-2in2 Auspuffanlage
* Racingfilterdeckel u.Wärmeabdeckung
* Drosselklappen u.Ansaugtracktoptimierung
* DENSO IK 20 Zündkerzen
* Schwinglagerung mit Schmiernippel

I bought my 2004 1000S secondhand in May 2007. I soon realised that as well as the style, exclusivity, handling and comfort (all good) there were problems with low engine speed vibrations and high gearing.

I also soon realised, through my web investigations, that the only place to go for MZ tuning, accessories and general expertise is Faber Motorradtechnik Zell! I mail ordered some accessories from FMZ, which introduced me as a customer to Hans Faber.

In September 2007, on a business trip to Germany, I took the opportunity to visit Zell and test ride Hans’ tuned 1000S. This proved that with his airbox modification, lowered gearing, remap, SR silencers and other touches, the problems could be largely overcome. I promised myself (and the MZ!) a 50th birthday present of an FMZ tune in the spring!

In May 2008 I rode the 1000S the 800 km from my home in Bristol to Zell and left it with Hans for him to do the work. Two weeks later, I was back, courtesy of Ryanair, and despite some difficulties due to the Happy Mosel Day road closures, was able, with Hans’ great help, to ride the bike out of Zell and back to Bristol.

I’m delighted with the result: it’s a different bike! All the good features are still there, but the modifications mean that in the lower gears it can be ridden down to 2000 rev/min: like a twin, in fact, whereas previously, it had to be ridden like a four, to avoid the vibrations below 3000 rev/min. Much less work for the left foot and, despite the lower gearing, I’m sure the fuel consumption has improved: probably as a result of being ridden in higher gear a lot of the time. The cold air intake may also contribute by improving engine efficiency a little.

The noise is also improved: partially due to the SR cans, but you don’t really notice this on the road except at low speed. Main difference is (even) better induction roar when you open the throttle: for obvious reasons when you look at the airbox modification.

The SR silencers are a really high quality product: well-made with not just the main body being titanium, but also the end fittings and brackets. It’s amazing how quickly they cool down when the engine is stopped: you can put your bare hand on them within a minute!

I thoroughly recommend the FMZ tune to any S/ST/SF owner. I’ve owned many bikes over the last 33 years, and the 1000S is definitely the fastest on the road, beating a Honda CBR1000 and VTR1000F. The modifications retain the bike’s character, but improve its rideability, making every journey a real pleasure. Thank you Hans!